Hazy Recollections

I was an English and History major during my undergraduate career; now I’ve wrapped up my master’s in higher education administration and I work at a Boston area business school.  I’m obsessed with underground and independent pop culture, with a penchant for mocking everyone and everything around me.


6 responses to “Hazy Recollections

  1. Appetite for Absurdity

    Grammar Nazi.

    Always was and always will be.

  2. When will the mocking end? Answer: never.

    Fact. You know me well, friend.

  3. does it really count as a southern school if 90% of its population is new york sluts and jersey douche bags? kisses.

    Yes. Yes it does.

  4. I didn’t know they had DeVry Technical Institute in The South. Did you major in welding or in medical record keeping?

    We have DeVry everywhere. And if you must know, I got my Associate Degree in Health Information Technology.

  5. Old Man

    well done. I had good chuckle, though, this time it wasn’t at the podium in front of all my peers.

    I heard it’s really not that hard to make an old man laugh, what with the dementia and senility. Good luck serving our armed forces, though! Congrats!

  6. djkendall7

    Just read some of your posts, and I have to admit I’m impressed with the level of sarcasm present. Needless to say I’ll probably keep on reading it. Also I don’t get the DMB thing either.

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