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Priorities, People

me: I am thinking of you and how much I love you, because I am writing my cover letter to Wellesley

Sara: <3, oh amazinggggggg

me: I applied to Kenyon, Penn, and Harvard already today; working on Wellesley now, then Miami of Ohio and Columbia
So something like 20 total schools and 25 total positions?

Sara: my sister applied for an assistant bball coaching job at kenyon!

me: YES! We could be roomies!!!
Also, how does this sound?
“Furthermore, my best friend attended a women’s college, and I proudly know the benefits of a same-sex institution on educational settings.”

Sara: Someone keeps farting on this flight.
its going to be a long 5 hours

me: NB4R


Sara: that blog entry is amazinggggg
however, i dont know what nb4r stands for hahaha

me: No But For Real

Sara: oh hahahhaha
makes it even funnier  🙂


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