Apparently I’m a Bad Person Because I Hate Glee

Yes, I said it.  I think there should be a support group for people who have watched every single episode and still can’t stand the show.  It’s not so much that I hated it from the beginning; I rarely watch twelve or thirteen episodes of a show that I hate.  It’s more of a long-term development over the past few months…something that has come into fruition as the show has declined.  Maybe “declined” is too harsh a word – perhaps failed to live up to its potential?

I know the Gleetards are chomping at the bit to rip me apart for daring to speak ill of their baby.  I will present a list of why this show drives me up the wall.

1.  The characters rarely grow beyond the stereotypes presented to us in the pilot.

Occasionally, and rarely at that, the show will do something to combat the prejudicial, one-note characterizations that they set forth in the pilot.  For instance, Mercedes is the angry, sassy African-American woman, but her father’s a dentist.  There’s some real envelope-pushing for you, America.  On the other hand, Curt is the gay high school student that practices Beyoncé dances in his room and can offer dermatological advice at the drop of a current season’s Marc Jacobs hat.  He even played football for a few episodes…as a flamboyant caricature of a gay man.  Heaven forbid we show a gay teen that plays sports.  These simplistic and awkward cartoons of people pale in comparison to the truly realistic, nuanced characters presented on a show like LOST.  Maybe the writers can focus on playing around with their formulaic characters in the second half of the season.  So far it seems like a bitter, jaded version of High School Musical.

2.  The leads are annoying, and one can’t even sing.

Lea Michele is amazing.  Hands down, the woman can sing the crap out of anything put in front of her, and that’s pretty much indisputable.  Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Cory Monteith.  Where did they get this guy, ABC Family?  Incidentally, funny I should ask that, because I just imdb’ed him and it turns out he used to be on Kyle XY.

For a show to hinge on two students leads (we’ll get to the adults later), they have to be pretty dynamic, charismatic characters.  Rachel is grating and, at times, insufferable; Finn just seems like he’s constantly stoned.  Schue hands probably 90% of the songs to Finn and/or Rachel to sing, without question, and Finn’s range is questionable, at best.  He can’t really dance that well, and his voice seems thin, flat, and even off pitch at times.  Why can’t we give more of the songs to Curt, Artie, Mercedes, or Tina?  Here’s a really crazy question – whatever happened to Puck, Quinn, Brittany, Santana, Mike, and Matt?  Quinn has had three songs all season, and none of them were the full versions.  Puck had one song – a Neil Diamond cover – that was also cut short.  Maybe we should spread the wealth here, friends, especially with your male lead flailing around like a 5th grader at Camp Tiger Claw talent show.

3.  Nothing ever happens.  Seriously.

So we’ve sat through thirteen episodes and the same two plots have coursed throughout.  Quinn is pregnant/Terri isn’t, and the group needs to prepare for sectionals.  Honestly, that is all that’s happened.  There have been a few obstacles along the way, like finding out that Puck is the father, and Terri’s fake bump (channeling Maggie Lizer, much?) was, in all actuality, not real.  Sue attempted to derail the group from getting to sectionals throughout several episodes, and her plans were always foiled somehow.  Other than these two storylines, though, almost nothing else has happened.  At all.  How can a show about high schoolers change so little over the course of three whole months?

4.  The show focuses almost disproportionately on adults and not students.

There are whole episodes that focus nearly entirely on the adult characters and ignore the students completely.  One specifically comes to mind – the train wreck known as “Acafellas.”  Maybe this is just my own personal bias here, but who really cares about Schue’s crushed dreams?  He should never put his own pathetic childhood fantasies in the way of his students.  When you’re in your thirties and living in small town Ohio, odds are you shouldn’t really be harboring any thoughts of making it big.  Focus on your students and their glee club and not on your pathetic moonlighting existence as a creepy excuse for a lounge singer.  I’m not saying he shouldn’t do what makes him happy, but his hobbies should never come at the expense of the students he promised to lead.  As for the other adults, Terri, Emma, and Ken are all just as boring and the writers fail to flesh them out.

5.  Sometimes the show can be outright offensive.

I’m sure most people will counter with me being too sensitive regarding a drama on network TV, but I was appalled at the way the show revealed Terri’s lie to Will.  He had every reason to be upset with her, but this scene bordered on domestic violence, and her eyes seemed to show a significant fear for her own physical safety.  In an earlier episode, the group met their rivals from other schools, including a choir from a school for the deaf.  Near the end, the hearing impaired group tried to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine,” but were quickly outshined and overtaken by their rivals from McKinley.  The show tried to present the scene as a “duet” but it came across more as the New Directions kids (name for a rehab center, much?) pushing the other students out of the spotlight.  Watch that scene and try to listen to the students from the other school: you can barely hear them.  Even worse, when they performed during “Sectionals,” the winter finale of the season, the group was off-screen and mocked by the other characters.  Finally, the writers thought it would be hilarious for the coach of said group to be hearing impaired, as well; the only thing funnier is to have him constantly refer to his hearing deficiency, due to a childhood case of scarlet fever.  Forgive me if I’m not rolling around on the floor.

Then why watch?

I’m sure most of you are wondering why I waste my time if I hate the show so much.  If it’s really that bad, why stick with it?  The truth is really quite simple – Sue Sylvester.  She is the shining beacon of light in a show mired by such pedestrian jokes and mediocre characters.  Arguably the sole character to show growth over the past thirteen episodes, we witnessed an incredible side of Sue when she visited her sister, apparently living with Down’s Syndrome in a special home.  We had to suffer through an entire episode of Will’s shrill diatribes being hurled at her to get to this moment, but it was worth it.  Sue is never really highlighted in her own subplots, except for the sole transgression involving a crush on a local news anchor.  Despite the disastrous results, the audience still saw growth in the character, and motivation for her subsequent machinations against peons like Will Schuester.  That’s what it really comes down to – Jane Lynch is the sole attraction of a show that had so much potential.  If only more of Glee followed in her footsteps.



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18 responses to “Apparently I’m a Bad Person Because I Hate Glee

  1. Callie

    I quite agree. I know Glee haters are definitely in the minority with this, but I cannot tolerate Glee.
    The songs drive me insane, and I feel like they take perfectly good songs, and turn it into something funny or overly joyful.
    I hate the idea of Quinn being the leader of a celibacy club, then completely ditching the idea of religion, going for the sex, lies and manipulation. It’s a stereotypical way of portraying religious people.
    Then, there’s the issue of the wife. Another manipulative, lying, obsessive woman. Yay.
    I can honestly say I have no character I care about. People seem to be into the Puck guy, because he occassionally shows his “soft side”?; I don’t see that. And I get that this show isn’t anything serious or dramatic, but then why are people so addicted to it? I don’t see the appeal, if it’s just a regular, sitcom-ish, light show.
    I guess I differ from since I admire Sue’s character, but it does not salvage the show. I sat through all 13 episodes so I could give a good, experienced review. Sue’s character is very original, but sometimes overrated.

    Glad someone agrees with me!

  2. J

    I totally agree. I was going to do a wordpress post about this some time or another, but you beat me to it first! 🙂

    There are many blatantly obvious reasons as to why Glee should be pulled off television. And it doesn’t help that millions of people are brainwashed by the media through obsessive hype and needless advertising, to watch this sh!t.

  3. Lere

    How could you?! I can’t stand five seconds! O.o

  4. Dylan

    You know that there are exactly the same number of reserved places in heaven as there are people who hate Glee? I can’t help but find that cool.

  5. niebell

    I hate Glee and the songs. Hands down.

  6. Chris

    I totally agree with you.

    And I don’t even like Sue either.

    And I totally forgot about the Deaf Chorus episode. I was so friggin’ mad by the end of it.

  7. Sharon

    Glee is like an adults “High School Musical” not to mention they butcher the songs like crazy and it makes me even more angry that they top the charts with the songs that aren’t even theirs!! All they do is ruin the best songs in the world!!

  8. Ur so Stupid

    1. I totally disagree with you. Glee is a good show and even my mother says she likes the songs better then the first sometimes. Were not “Gleetards” We just simply like the show. Ok? Is there something WRONG with gay teens playing sports?
    2 Obviously you dont know what a glee club is. And all of them see if you actually watch the show
    3. The show isn’t JUST about the students, just btw, Its about the teachers too. Just like Winni the pooh isnt all about winni the pooh or Bones isnt all about finding what happened to the cases.
    4 Hmmm. Maybe the show is supposed to be dramatic? Um…Yah. It is.

    To the Comments
    Ya know what ruins all the songs in the world? Kidsbop. Not Glee. And Glee isnt a musical. You dont just burst out singing about what you’ll get on you lunch menu or getting you head in the game, Thats stupid. They sing real songs maybe?
    People love Glee and thats why they watch it. Thats why Fox dosent pull it off.

    Feel free to reply.

    First of all, I think your post speaks for itself regarding your complete lack of maturity. You obviously can’t comprehend the argument I put forth in my post and have no regard for people who disagree with you on something as simple as choice of pop culture entertainment.

    Honestly, you are the reason I hate Glee. Intellectual children like you literally think less of me because I don’t share an appreciation for a show that is thoroughly mediocre in every way.

  9. Jessica

    Blargh. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean it sucks. Different strokes for different folks.

    Also, I’m not entirely sure the show is meant to be taken seriously. I mean in what world would a school hire someone with previous job experience at a bathroom store as a school nurse? And also where that nurse would pass out extra doses of the base for crystal meth to help the kids focus and NOT get fired. It’s really not that serious of a show. Fun, frothy and kickass covers of songs.

    Glee isnt a musical. They dont just sing about what they want on the lunch menu or getting you head in the game. That IS stupid.

    I think it’s hysterical that you felt the need to comment twice with different names just so it would seem like someone agreed with you. Not only did you reuse the same “singing about lunch” point, but I can see your IP address. Go back to tweeting about Justin Bieber, ass clown.

  10. TJ

    I found this article hilarious. Very well written. Even after the article when a Gleetard commented, you shot them down it was just great.

    I’m hoping there are a large amount of people out there that do hate Glee. Not because I want something fail but because there is a huge assumption that everyone SHOULD like Glee. Like a religion being dogmatic and not personal choice.

    For me, I can’t understand the appeal of the show. Clearly a board of directors saw the success of a High School Musical and said we need cash in on that.

    But what I really don’t get is that the show is just kareoke… it’s taken the talent out of the equation. Kareoke for one is less talented than a real musician having written the vocal melody and then matched it to their own lyrics and developed a new song. A process that is intensive and requires enormous talent. Glee on the other hand just copies a song and then parades around the episode boisterously as if they wrote it themselves. That seems quite arrogant.

    At least in American Idol these are real people singing live. In Glee we are talking sound stages and lip syncing. So if the whole point for Glee is the music, then that point is rubbish.

    Let’s look a movie most people love like the 1978 movie “Grease”. At least this musical had it’s own music specifically made for the movie.

    The appeal of this TV show seems to be the same as if Britney Spears released a new album of which all the songs were the best of the 80s written by different musicians…. people wouldn’t buy it. But Glee cast members having the ability to sing generic vocal melodies and harmonise… where is the fucking talent in that??

    Glee at it’s best is pre-recorded karaoke TV show sung by unknown mediocre vocalists that can’t act and play one dimensional stereotypical characters in a world that is so cheesy that if you placed a shit singer like Britney Spears in this TV world then she would seamlessly integrate and seem to give the TV show more appeal.

    That’s pretty sad.

  11. well, GLEE is the best musical tv series out there, nice characters and nice songs `’*

    You have a really compelling argument here. It’s so rational, I’m not really sure how to respond.

  12. Chuck Bass

    I totally agree with you guys. Glee is such a waste of time and a waste of space on TV. I hate liars. Glee’s pilot sold me on a premise: high school schlubs make good in glee club. Yay! Sounds like fine fare, musical comedy fun. I watched the pilot. I looked watched it with keen eyes. Then I let it slap my face for 10 episodes until I gave up. There was no character development. No plot. Just miserable, auto-tuned, stereotypes unable to connect with my life experiences as an uncaring universe heaps torment and humiliation upon them. Talk about real life issues. I was able to relate to every episode of Gossip Girl and yet I couldn’t relate to a single episode of Glee… it’s because Glee isn’t REALISTIC!
    ‘Glee’ pretends to care about humanity, the pain of growing up, and the blight of high school, but I cannot feel its tacky happy endings. “Freaks and Geeks” was painful to watch, too, but at least it seemed more honest. I actually cared about those characters and when bad things happened to them, I felt bad for them. That’s how drama’s supposed to work. I think. Or is there some way to loathe everything the characters stand for and just enjoy the juiciness as they stab each other? It worries me how many viewers are probably doing just that. Glee oozes with all the shallow, soul-soiling unpleasantness of reality TV only somebody HAD TO MAKE THIS UP!
    The problem with Glee is that it’s trying too hard. It’s deliberately setting out to say “Hey, look – life’s not so bad!”. Welcome to the world people- life can be bad and life is unfair. Deal with it. Face up to it’s challenges instead of singing your way through life like nothing else matters.
    Another thing- and man, I’m just getting started. The glee club is supposed to consist of losers, very few of which might just end up trumping the popular kids at some later date if they make it as an actor or musician or whatever. But the stark truth is that most of its members won’t. They are, as a general rule, not thin enough, not good-looking enough, not straight enough, or not white enough, to make it in that culture. Glee takes place in an American high school, that most awful of environments for teenagers, where judgment is superficial and a strict caste system exists, with very clear winners and losers. And then, the storyline of the show goes, the meathead jock joins the club, along with his missus, and all of a sudden everything’s much better. Of course, the storyline has to focus on the good looking, white cast members for the most part, but there is the occasional metaphorical bone thrown to the others. The cheerleader gets pregnant (predictably) and decides to have the baby (predictably), although she plans to give it away.

    I think what really annoys me is that the show has the potential, behind the gloriously over-the-top musical numbers, to explore real issues about the problems within American high schools. Instead, the operation of the hierarchy (and the arch-villain, Sue Sylvester) is shown in a light-hearted way. The show neglects the often very real problems of identity and self-worth that most teenagers go through and seems instead to yell, “You can do it!” at the top of its lungs. While I’m sure this gets a good reaction stateside, where life’s all about getting yourself out there and living the American dream, I’m saddened that even a British audience manages to swallow this kind of tripe without choking, or at least without it leaving a nasty taste in their collective mouth.

  13. Kaleb

    I hate this show. I hated it the minute I laid eyes upon this monstrosity. Mind you, I tend to hate all TV shows, but this one definitely takes the cake. I hate even more that you can’t admit to not liking it without getting shot down by your peers. It’s like you’re a heretic for not liking a show about bad singing.

    That said, it sounds like you’re being aggressive towards people who don’t agree with your opinion too. Just a hint of it.

    Either way, down with Glee!

  14. Guest

    “Rachel is grating and, at times, insufferable” You mean ALWAYS, not ‘at times’. That actress AND character is unwatchable.


    i tried watching the show when it first aired and not only could i not focus on the program, but i felt twenty IQ points lower. i don’t like how everyone these days looks up to wishy washy, dorky characters. it’s seen every where. even commercials have these loser hipsters doing over their houses or singing about credit reports. everything is a dorky song and dance routine in the bid to re-create the sixties and seventies. everyone is a geeky wannabe, it seems. yugh. 😦

  16. Just me

    I agree with all of your points, even so… I like Glee. I can’t help it. I know it’s silly, stereotypical and at times it makes no sense at all!! There are even chapters that are so stupid and/or insulting that I find myself screaming “that’s all! It’s official. I dislike Glee”, but then anyway I watch the next episode, which usually tends to be amusing so I stick with the series.
    My fave character used to be Kurt, because I found his struggles with his sexual identity kind of believable, but after he got a boyfriend, Santana became gay too, and he finally had gay sex, I started disliking him and the way the writers seemed to think that the more homosexual characters and experiences the more success the show would have, and the sad thing is that IT IS working. WTH?? Really!! I don’t have anything against homosexuals, but c’mon! Is it necessary that half of the show centers around it?
    Charactes just keep sharing love interests. They’ve been paired up with all of themselves the whole series to the point you don’t even have a real otp to ship. I hate that in tv programas, for real.
    But I still like the song covers and the main (only and overused) plot which is to win at least one contest and being taken into consideration by others for their talent as a glee club. However, I went terribly mad when they covered “Landslide”. IT SUKCED!!! That song was unique, perfect and unforggetable by itself (the Stevie Nicks one, of course), and now people only like it and pretend they know it just because Glee cast sang it and “it was good… yay! yuhuuuu”. IT WASN’T GOOD!!! They ruined it!!! They even mislead its signifficance of maturity and sense of change to make it match Santana’s feelings for Brittany! That’s offensive! It’s the first time I feel they ruined a realy perfect song. Maybe most Glee haters feel the same way about other songs.
    Whatever, I like the way you expossed your point of view, and even when slightly blunt and rude, I loved the way you replied to that fangirl who posted twice, however it made me laught the way she pointed out about the “not singing ’bout the lunch or head in the game-whateverHSMcrap”, because that was exactly why I started watching the show and liked it in the first place. I HATE High School Musical, all of that is shitty, and I was sure Glee was gonna be about that too, but when it wasn’t I was pretty surprised and I found it rather refreshing. Anyway, I’m still giving them a chance and I admit it, I think Glee cast is pretty talented, specially Lea Michelle. Maybe Corey not that much, but bleh!

    I didn’t realize people would write novels in response, and you seem borderline homophobic, but whatever. The show still sucks (for a plethora of reasons I can’t even begin to add to this list), but at least there are legions of people who agree with me now. For anyone who’s wondering – I haven’t watched since the first season.

    • Just me

      And wow, I didn’t think you’d be so off yourself because someone out there who agrees with you still likes the show. I was wrong. I thought you were smart, but no, you’re an asshole that gives too much importance to the things other people like. You have no own life and you are not respectable. Why don’t you go out get a girlfriend? Oh, no, sorry, maybe she would like Glee, like most girls, so you will stay a pathetic outcast enclosed in his room living with your mother. Now, that I think about it, the show is perfect for you?! Don’t you think? I may be a Gleetard, but you are merely a retard. And, no, I’m not homophobic. My best friend is homosexual, you Iknowitall-wannabe.

      What a wonderful example of ignorance and privilege. I’m sorry you felt the need to lash out, but your small-mindedness is painfully indicative of the average American. Enjoy your show, just stop trying to articulate points online. You’ll lose every time.

      • Just me

        What you just said was desperate and very generic, but, bleh! Whatever. You make me feel sorry for you, as you’re only an internet troll. Sad and mostly twisted. However, I see you never even had a chance.

        This is fun. You can go shave your back now.

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