I Figured Out LOST. NBD.

Yes, it’s true.  I’m fucking brilliant.  For all of you insanely awesome people that watch LOST, I hope this doesn’t make your brain explode.  Or ruin anything.  Because I am the shit, I will share my thoughts with you.  Jacob’s enemy IS the Smoke Monster.

My mind is exploding right now.

My mind is exploding right now.

Think about it – his loophole is that he had to wait for Locke to die so that he could manifest as Locke in order to come back to the island and convince Ben to kill Jacob.  Once he was Locke, he could tell Richard to tell the REAL Locke that he had to die, which is obviously crucial to his entire plan. He manifested as Eko’s brother.  He manifested as Christian to scare the shit out of Jack.  He manifested as Eko, Ana Lucia, Charlie, et cetera to Hurley.  THAT’S why Jacob knows Hurley isn’t crazy – he realizes that his enemy has been appearing to the Oceanic survivors.  For serious, the entire show comes down to Jacob versus Smokey/Black Shirt Guy.  You thought the war was Ben versus Widmore, but they just represent the greater struggle of Jacob and BSG.

You can worship me now.

You can worship me now.


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