An Entire Month

Jesus, I really suck at blogging regularly.  How the hell has an entire month gone by without me so much as talking about a party or a trip?  What the fuck is wrong with me?  Two answers to that – far too much and nothing at all.  Let’s go with the latter.

The sad part is that a lot of stuff has happened in the past month and I can’t really figure out a way to talk about it.  Once I recover from the past week and get all of my shit done, maybe my brain will return.  For now, I sign off with a heavy heart and an apology to anyone who actually reads this.  I promise I will be back soon.


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One response to “An Entire Month

  1. v

    ❤ yooooou.

    Love you, too. Once I finish this twenty page paper today (for a total of about 50 in the past week), then I can unleash the onslaught of posts I have stored up.

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