The LOST Effect

So I’m on Spring Break and life couldn’t be better.  Despite the tundra-like weather in Virginia right now, I am back home and all is right with the world.  Yesterday was a Snow Day and I had a huge, delicious, home-cooked breakfast, then watched seven straight episodes of Summer Heights High, and followed it up with some Duck Hunt.  The best part so far, though, was writing the questions for Trivia Night at my old bar with one of my best friends, where I proceeded to get drunk, watch my friends struggle to answer my questions, and then bask in the bitter loathing that followed.  Categories for the night?  General Knowledge, Sports, Science, 1980’s trivia, Music Match (1984), Celebrity ID’s – Oscars 2009 Red Carpet, and Reality TV.  Domination Station, much?

But that could be a blog post in and of itself.  What my focus today is a story that happened to me on the way back to VA.  My flight from Nashville to Charlotte was going decently well, but I must admit that turbulence had been a pretty constant problem.  We hit some heavy clouds about twenty minutes outside of Charlotte and the turbulence only worsened.  A little while after the pilot announced we would be landing in fifteen minutes, our plane was struck by lightning.  Let me type that again – our plane was fucking hit by fucking lightning.  There was a huge flash of a light, a massive, all-encompassing wall of sound (seriously, Phil Spector had nothing on this shit), and the plane even shook a little.  An old woman screamed out “Oh, shit!” and I started laughing maniacally.  My immediate response to the lightning itself was to look around and assess the other passengers.  I went into total LOST mode and tried to figure out who would be an asset on the island when we crashed.  Because islands exist in the greater Charlotte metropolitan area.

I am Jack Shepard.

I am Jack Shephard.

When we finally touched down, I texted a bunch of my friends “My plane just got hit by lightning.”  Predictably, everyone freaked out, but I just told them that it was quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to me; they responded somewhere along the line of “You are insane, and that response is so typical.”



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4 responses to “The LOST Effect

  1. I would wet myself.

    I don’t think that I would like you on the island if that’s how you respond to stress. What would happen when the Others stole our children?

  2. i think that instead of the current airline safety videos, they should just show that guy in the Lost plane crash scene HIT THE CEILING a few times.

    i’m not sure i’ll ever unbuckle my seatbelt again on a plane.

    God, I love that guy. Bless his soul.

  3. That island has built-in birth control. I’d save like $25 bucks a month. Tres awesome.

    That means really awesome in French.

  4. v

    somehow, i can totally picture you laughing your head off as the plane gets struck by lightening. and it immediately causes me to giggle uncontrollably…

    What can I say, I’m nothing if not consistent.

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