Only In Nashville

I went to a concert last night here in good ol’ Nash Vegas.  I was supposed to go with a friend of mine, but she ended up bailing because of the cluster fuck that was driving down I-65.  So after I saw Benjamin Button (superb), my friend Liz dropped me off at the bar downtown for the show.  I wandered in on my own, and sauntered up to the bar for a beer.  The bartender was pregnant.  Granted, she was only four or five months along, but it was still a bit of a cliche to see a pregnant woman opening my beers as she rang up someone’s tab.

I tried not to judge too much, which for me, is saying a lot. Then the opening band decided to sing a song dedicated to The Swayze in one of our frat’s favorite movie – Road House.  At this point, I couldn’t decide if I was ecstatic or appalled.  I sat there, swiveling in my chair every time a waitress needed to get by, which was constantly, and soaked all of the insanity in.  Finally, the main act came on and was thoroughly enjoyable.  I ended up meeting two chicks who discussed Nash Vegas, ‘Bama, and life with me for about an hour or so.  As I realized that I needed to get back to school at some point, I called a cab, thinking I would have plenty of time to kill before they ended up there.

All of a sudden, some shady guy walks in to the bar.   He yelled in the middle of the bar, asking if someone had called for a cab.  Embarrassed and slightly let down that I couldn’t stay for longer, I sheepishly walked out to the cab.  Shady McSketchington then asked me for money since he “just got out of jail” – charming, I know.  I steadfastly refused, and once I got into the cab, told the cabbie how to get back to campus.  Then he tried to steal my sunglasses.

Welcome to Nashville, mother fucker.


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  1. Tried to steal your sunglasses? How does that work?

    As in he said, “Let me see those” and took them off my head. He then tried to barter them as my fare. I promptly told him to fuck off.

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