Bob’s Not Only Your Uncle

He’s also the winner of Survivor Gabon.  And just once, I’d like to hear Jeff Probst say it right – it’s not pronounced like “bone,” you dip shit.  Gab-on, not Ga-bone.

I’m not really sure how I feel about Bob winning this season.  To be sure, the game completely unraveled at the end, and total morons were left in the final six.  When you have mental midgets like Matty, Crystal, Sugar, and Susie still in the game that far in, it really says something about the caliber of the cast.  All of the likable, interesting characters like Marcus, Charlie, and Jacquie were gone too early.  Instead, we got to listen to Kenny talk about he was a master mind, when he actually threw the entire game away on one vote.

All in all, I was left incredibly underwhelmed with this season.  The cast was mediocre at best.  When you have a girl like Sugar in the finals, and she’s actually responsible for some of the better moves in the game, then that says a lot.  Especially when the only reason was not because of any kind of strategic genius.  Her moves were almost always based on emotion, like feeling sorry for someone, or believing another player when they outright lied to her face.  I am the last person to say a winner doesn’t deserve the title, because the jury is the only group of people who can determine that.  But I feel confident saying that Bob wouldn’t stack up against previous winners if they had the chance to take him on in the game.  Nevertheless, congrats to Bob Crowley, winner of the 17th season of Survivor.  Hopefully, the spring season in Brazil can be an improvement.


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One response to “Bob’s Not Only Your Uncle

  1. After watching every. single. episode! I missed the finale. Am super duper pissed about it, too! I’m waiting for it to pop up on my On Demand, but it’s not looking like it will.

    That said, I was pulling for Bob. He’s adorable.

    As long as it wasn’t Kenny. He’s decidedly un-adorable.

    It should be on, I watched it again on Comcast last night. My ex went to high school with Sugar, and I have new found hatred for her.

    And you’re totally right. I seriously hated that douche nozzle Kenny.

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