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Rainy Days and Wednesdays

Usually, the weather doesn’t affect me that much.  To be sure, it can change my plans or get in the way of doing something.  But to be honest, I usually enjoy the occasional rainy day. It’s nice, especially when you can stay inside, to get in bed and read or watch a good movie on the couch under a blanket.  Thunderstorms are amazing – watching them roll in on the porch, listening to the rain pelt your roof and window, staring at the clouds for more bursts of lightning.

On the other hand, getting poured on for two days straight isn’t exactly fun.  If I had been able to stay in the past two days, getting work done and researching in my room, I would have been fine.  But I had to run errands yesterday, go to meetings, pick up readings, attend a breakfast this morning.  Getting around campus this much when walking outside is like standing under a waterfall turns out to be pretty effing miserable.  I wouldn’t say it’s depressing me, but it’s not exactly putting me into a wonderful mood.  Am I happy about fall finally coming?  Of course.  But do I want to walk around like a sewer rat for the next few months?  Not exactly.


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