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Viva Nashvegas!

Jesus H. Christ, it’s been far too long since I’ve updated this bastard.  I’ve since moved to a new state and time zone, and have hopefully adjusted accordingly.  Part of me misses DC but most of me is excited to be out of there and experiencing something new.  I’ll have to censor myself even more than in the past because of the implications involved and consequences that could occur from me commenting on my newest employer.  The vast majority of the information that I’ll be privy to over the next year or so will be confidential, so it’s possible and most likely probable that the best stories won’t even been told.  For instance, my freshmen have been here less than two weeks and I’ve already had two roommate disputes ending in separation, an anxiety issue resulting in a room switch, and a night that ended in more than one cases of public vomiting and two police citations.

That said, I love my new school and look forward to the next two years of preparing myself for a life and career in Higher Education.  It’s off to a stressful and overwhelming start, but I knew what I was signing up for when I got here, so here’s to rolling with the punches.  Lord knows I have more experience with that than most of these bitches…



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