“But Brutus says [she] was ambitious/And Brutus is an honourable man.”

My response to RJ Eskow’s obnoxious, gloating, and grating Letter to a Clinton Supporter:

“I understand why you supported her. But why would you allow yourself to be played as a pawn for a Washington power couple’s personal ambitions?”

It’s this kind of doublethink that pissed a lot of Clinton supporters off. Ambition? He was already a President. They are millionaires. Clinton said he never thought he’d be in politics again until his wife decided to run. Are you honestly convinced that they did all this, went into debt, traveled the country, forsaking their home lives for over a year just for personal ambition? And when did you become a psychologist anyway?

To Clinton supporters, ambition is running for President without having been in a national office for a single full term.

I don’t expect anyone running for President lacks ambition. But to say that the Clintons are ambitious and we’re delusional to support them since all they care about is themselves betrays a disconnect in your reasoning. Bill and Hillary Clinton have done more good for the world with their little fingers than you will ever do in your lifetime and that Obama can only hope to match in his. We know them, much better than Obama’s mouth foaming true believers, many of whom were children in the 90s. We also know they can win.

Say they’re ambitious, fine, but what does that make Obama? We know he’s no saint, and we’re tired of him being cast as one.


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One response to ““But Brutus says [she] was ambitious/And Brutus is an honourable man.”

  1. He’s not the walking reincarnation of Jesus F. Kennedy either, but try telling people that and they’ll call you a racist.

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