Because I’m Better

I’ve seen far too many mediocre movies in my life. I’m not exactly complaining, especially since I have been known to actively seek out what I like to call “awesomely bad” films. However, after the recent string of movies I’ve gone to see, including but not limited to Baby Mama, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Forbidden Kingdom, Smart People, and Made of Honor, I can’t help but feel like something is missing in the landscape of Hollywood. You can be a douchebag if you want and judge me for it, but I paid money to see those movies, and I barely enjoyed most of them. All five of them were forgettable, most had major flaws, but entertained me, for the most part, for the 90 minutes I sat in the theater. So I got to thinking. As a person who’s easily read a thousand books and seen two thousand movies, why shouldn’t I give it a shot? Lord knows I can construct a story and appreciate the in’s and out’s of building a plot. My film repertoire and my academic prowess of the novel should assure me a modicum of ability to one-up so many of these forgettable films Hollywood churns out year after year.

So I bought a book today on screenplays. I’m going to write a screenplay this summer. I’ve been throwing the idea around in my head for the past two years, and I’d love to try it out. I’m not dead set on finishing it this summer, but since I have no real commitments in life short of surviving until August so that I can start grad school, I can’t think of a better time. I’ll write when I can, and it might take a toll on my blog, but we’ll see what happens when it happens. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the fact that the sun is finally back in the District.



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2 responses to “Because I’m Better

  1. I just can’t believe you went and saw “Maid of Honor!” I was thinking that a root canal would be more fun.

    I went with the Princess because she needed a break from finals. I may be an asshole, but I still take care of my friends.

  2. I give you permission to ‘turn’ me into a supporting character, as long as Angela Lansbury doesn’t play me in the film. That’s reasonable, I think.

    That’s totally reasonable. Who are you thinking then, Ellyn Burstyn?

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