Who Needs Paxil?

Seems to me that of late I’ve been a bit of a hermit. I don’t really get out much since I work at a restaurant literally hundreds of feet from my front door, and that job doesn’t really include a legitimate social outlet, unless you include old gay men, white trash tourists, and stoner college dropouts with whom you wait tables. Save for my alcohol-induced coma of the past weekend, my social life lately has been…how do you say? Non-existent. I’m not trying to sound like I’ve developed social anxiety disorder, but my life has shifted significantly in the past two years. I went from one of the social elite of a school with a population of almost 6,000 to something of a social pariah. I used to be a staple at parties, bars, events, philanthropies. Now I pretty much stay in on my days off, as can be evidenced now as I blog at quarter to three in the afternoon, still in my sweatpants and eating chips and dip while watching Arrested Development DVD’s.

But tomorrow I’m making a change. I have a birthday happy hour to attend where I’ll meet some new people and hang out with old friends. I’m looking for a new job that will give me nights and weekends off. I’m planning road trips to see best friends, and putting together plans over the next few months with people who will spend the summer in DC. I’ve even started to get excited about the move to Nashville and the requisite drive down through three states, stopping along the way to see awesome people. What it comes down to is I only have three months left in this city. And as great and shitty as these past few years have been, it’s time to embrace what I have. To fully understand what it is to live in DC and savor the blessings you have at the moment. I’m tired of holing myself up in my apartment for days at a time and seeing movies by myself. May starts tomorrow and so do the last three full months of District living. Here’s to enjoying life, enjoying friends, enjoying the city. Break out the pastels, kids, it’s almost time for summer.


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  1. And you will see me tomorrow! I feel your excitement through the tubes…

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