The Final Countdown

So as I sit in my room on my whopping 45 minute break from a 14 hour day at the restaurant, I start to realize how much time I have left in the District. Now that I’ve accepted the offer for graduate school, I have a little over three months to do everything I’ve meant to do over the past few years that I’ve spent here. A few of these are repeats that I’d like to get in before I leave. Some I can do myself, but most I’d rather do with a friend to make them more ridiculous slash memorable. Here are the ones that I came up with, but, by all means, add to the list as you see fit.

– Go to the Holocaust Museum. I know, right? Mwong mwong…

– Tour the National Cathedral, even though I lived across the street for three months.

– Go to several more Nats games.

– A few more trips to Annapolis.

– Some more 9.30 club concerts.

– Another White House tour, since I was 8 the last time and a different Bush was in power.

– Food from three new ethnicities or countries I’ve never tried.

– Kickball on the Mall.

– Visit Mount Vernon.

– Go to Medieval Times and/or Piratz Tavern. Wasted.

– Eat at several restaurants, including but not limited to – BLT Bistro, Acadiana, Palena, Makoto, 2 Amy’s.

I’ve got to have a better list than this, right? Help me out.



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3 responses to “The Final Countdown

  1. Wait, is Piratz Tavern like Medieval Times, but with PIRATES????????

    Because if so, I want in on that outing.

    It most definitely is. Consider yourself invited.

  2. Ummm….me too! Aaargh!

  3. OMG…I must be part of that trip.

    Have you been to the FDR Memorial at night? It is one of my favorite things.

    Sounds like we might have two separate dates lined up. Can you handle it?

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