Hotness Personified

I recently visited the new Nationals stadium and actually had a pretty decent time.  The new stadium is gorgeous, the Nationals were a blast to watch, everything about the place was amazing.  Well, minus a few things.  A flask is absolutely necessary to anyone who isn’t a doctor, since the cheapest drink I could find was a $6.50 beer (I mean a drink worth imbibing), and even a small Twizzlers was five bucks.  But anyone should expect pretty expensive tickets and merchandise at a new baseball stadium that didn’t open until the spring of 2008.  Even the fans weren’t that bad because it was the first week of the season and the whole metropolitan area of DC was out for it, so the White Trash Symposium wasn’t in full effect.  However, my favorite part of the entire night had nothing to do with athletic prowess, sprinting Dead Presidents, or flashed naughty bits.  My favorite part of the entire night personified all that is hot, gorgeous, classy, sexy, or fully and overwhelmingly perfect in a breeding mate.  Here are the Before and After..


The only way that this girl could become the ultimate paragon of motherhood, class, and dignity is if she chugs her single serving of red wine alone in the stands.

Pure Class.



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One response to “Hotness Personified

  1. 3 things:

    1) Isn’t chugging your own personal bottle the way to go – I know that’s what I did with CS Wine. But maybe that’s because it helped me deal with the fucktards standing in line around me.

    Drinking single serving wine is never okay, unless you’re a cat lady. Chugging it straight from the bottle while alone in a stadium with 20,000 people screams tacky.

    2) I just watched the first disk of season 1 of It’s Always Sunny…aaaand now I get who that is above. I fucking love that show and if Charlie wasn’t a midget in real life I would compromise my beliefs on marriage and take his ass down the aisle STAT.

    He’s married to the waitress. And Mac and Dee are engaged in real life. Go for Dennis, I hear he’s not at all particular.

    3) More importantly than the 2 previous comments- WHEN THE FUCK IS NIKKI GOING TO BE ELIMINATED FROM TOP CHEF?!?!?! Did they really put her on the show because they thought, “Oh, I bet she can make Italian for EVERY single challenge and despite announcing that she’s Italian EVERY single episode will still make dishes that would make her Italian grandmother cry?” No they said, “Well…she’s the hottest we’ve got.” Ugh!

    I’ve quickly realized that, while I won’t necessarily be attracted to any of the contestants this year, it’s still the best season so far in terms of talent. But I do miss season three.

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