Drinkin’ in the Dark

A friend of mine was visiting from LA last week so I took him downtown to grab some food and a few drinks. We hit up Clyde’s in Gallery Place because he was intrigued and we had a good time. It’s a nice place, obviously, and he wanted to go in because of the oysters. We enjoyed our meal, paid our bill, and headed downstairs to grab some more drinks. The bar was packed, so we decided to just head somewhere else.

He had gone to school in Arizona and apparently had frequented their Bar Louie, so he wanted to check ours out. We headed in, grabbed a few drinks, and sat down to watch the Vandy/Tennessee game. As we sat there and drank our beers, as we’re known to do, the power went out. Everywhere. I’m talking total and complete black out of the lights, TV’s, computers, and everything else in the entire complex. We were told that the block itself was shut down. My immediate thought was, “Sweet, no tab.” followed closely by “Shit, we should have ordered more.” LA was convinced it was some sort of terrorist attack (since the Verizon Center was such a target hours after a Capitals game got out).

What exactly are you supposed to do when you’re in a huge sports bar with a hundred people and the power goes out? A surprising amount of people tried to jump the bar to grab some booze but the bartenders weren’t blind, so that option was out. You would think it would actually be pretty awesome, but it turned out to be yet another night of blandness. No drama, no looting, no spontaneous party.  Just a bunch of yuppies drinking Sammy’s and Stella’s in the dark. Like every other night of the week.



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