Karma Police

Not to be obsessing over this or anything, but I went to see Hillary today and there were boys outside with signs.  Signs that they used to stand in the middle of the street and demand people to honk for Obama.  When several cars refused to honk for Obama or, heaven forbid, shouted support for us Hillary supporters waiting patiently in line on the other side of the street, these boys would scream insults and flip middle fingers to the drivers.

However, it gets worse – one of their signs read “Bro’s before ho’s [sic].”   They held a sign with a blatantly misogynistic word and intent outside a political campaign event for someone who is a respected international leader, Senator, former First Lady, and human being.  These boys preferred to boycott a woman who has fought for decades for what she’s believed in.  They found it necessary to hurl insults at her and her supporters and to use horrendously awful language to humiliate us and deride our political decision.

I have never, ever seen a Hillary campaigner or supporter go to an Obama event to protest.  And even more telling, I have never seen or heard of a Hillary supporter using racist language in order to denigrate Mr. Obama’s career.  The fact that these boys were not only allowed to hold this sign but we’re cheered on by other boys infuriated me.  They even had a middle aged woman wear the sign, which physically sickened many of us in line.

This is why so many of us HRC supporters can not support the campaign of Obama.  His camp has been vicious to us and me on several occasions and his supporters’ obsession with him has bordered on cultish.  HRC has never been racist towards him, but his backers and the media itself has repeatedly been overtly misogynistic and hateful to her.

Shame on you, America.  Shame on all of you.


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