No, But Seriously…

Has anyone really discussed how much Chris Matthews hates Hillary Clinton? What about how he’s turned his channel into one long intellectual orgy, minus the actual discussion of policy or clear cut solutions, over Barack Obama? What are you supposed to think about journalistic integrity when THIS shows up after Hillary’s win in NH?

How is it that MSNBC has allowed one of their main talking heads become so biased, so partisan, so subjective, so anti-journalism as to be, in my opinion, worse than Fox News? Chris Matthews seriously needs to stop spewing the Hillary hate and the overwhelming love for Obama and just stick to the news itself. Videos like this are completely inexcusable.

It’s frustrating when a network like MSNBC that has prided itself as the opposite of Fox for so long now begins to pander to someone who is just as obnoxious and insufferable as Bill O’Reilly.


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