Laguna Frat

Before I start, I just want to apologize for the criminal act of not updating for so long. I’ve been uber busy with graduate school prep and I went out of town for four days two weeks ago. Sorry for the lapse, but I have been a little swamped; when I get bogged down the blog tends to not be as high of a priority.

Irregardless, this past weekend, I was working for five straight shifts at my restaurant. During Sunday brunch, I realized that a rather attractive girl who was waiting to be seated seemed wicked familiar. After about 3 seconds of considering it, I recognized her as a girl from my past. Mara, from the MTV reality show Sorority Life, was sitting in my restaurant.

As a total and utter reality TV nerd, I actually approached her and asked about her show. She was incredibly gracious and articulate about her time on the show and the things she went through as she pledged a sorority on national television. It really made me reflect on my time spent in the Greek Life system as an undergrad and how utterly insane it would have been to have that taped, dissected, and judged by a national audience.

My fraternity means the world to me. As lame as that might sound to an independent, those guys really are some of my best friends I’ve ever met. We come together and meet other men that we never would be friends with if we didn’t have the common bonds of our letters. I can honestly say some of my best memories of the past five years, and probably my life, have been made with the guys that share those letters with me. That said, putting sixty guys in a house together doesn’t always produce the best results. A perfect example would be two weeks ago when I went down to campus for initiation.

There’s a pretty large group of us that drinks for pretty much no reason, so when there’s a momentous occasion like welcoming 13 new brothers into the group, you can guarantee the Natty Light and Aristocrat will be flowing pretty freely that night and the rest of the weekend. To save you the pain of the details, I’ll just fill you in with highlights – a girl getting sent to the hospital in an ambulance from our house (she was so intoxicated that she was kicked out of her formal and wandered back to our house with her date), a broken window (technically my fault), a brother getting arrested for Drunk in Public and Underage Drinking, a brother black out peeing in another brother’s room, a succession of fist fights involving three separate brothers as a result of said urination, three (3!) walk-through’s by the campus cops, and, ultimately, a brother pissing himself while passed out on his futon after desperately trying to hook up with me with his boyfriend in the other room. On top of that, my phone charger and my brand new digital camera were both stolen from randoms who came over to drink. Do I love those guys to death? Of course. Is there a reason we call ourselves Laguna Frat? I think that’s quite obvious. Needless to say, our show would destroy Sorority Life and a lot of the bullshit on TV right now if MTV ever signed us up. The best part is that we would never, ever be stupid enough to agree to something as damaging as reality TV editing and manufactured drama in a house so full of it’s own sturm und drang.


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