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This is fact not fiction/For the first time in years

A good friend of mine runs a blog in DC and was pushing me for awhile to start one. I put it off for months until he actually started to bother me about what name I should use for it. This being my first post, I decided to go back to that initial conversation and see all of the horrible ideas he threw my way.

In his vast and wise command of my personality and the DC blog scene, he decided that my name should be Sparkle Boner. I shit you not. Sparkle Boner. I quickly retorted that the only thing worse would obviously be Glitter Dildo, of which he also approved. Once he realized that I would rather see an Olsen twin movie than name my blog either of those recommendations, he finally decided on Bed Wetter Grows Up. Soon after I stopped asking him for help.

So here we are. Cheat to Win – a life philosophy and the name of my new blog. And just to piss him off a little for his bullshit advice, I stole his design. We’ll see how long it lasts.



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